Eating our way across Hong Kong and beyond

Latte and blueberry froyo, Holly Brown, Stanley St, Central


New food blog in town.  So what’s different about this one?

With roughly 10,000 restaurants crammed into a tiny space, you’re really spoiled for choice in Hong Kong.  This is something that really becomes clear once you’ve been just about anywhere else in the world.  But too much choice can also be a bad thing.  Using myself as the guinea pig, I hope to help you find the right choice in this jam-packed city.  Aside from restaurant reviews, sometimes you’ll just want to have a cosy bite at home, and so I’ll also post some easy home recipes that I’ve tried.

Now, locals in Hong Kong will know about Openrice, the community review site with thousands of user reviews on just about every place out there.  I’m not trying to compete with this great resource, and everyone’s experience may be different, but I just want to give you my own personal take on what’s out there.

I’ve been eating since I was born, but it was only since university when living in self-catered accommodation that I started learning how to cook and pay attention to what I eat.  I believe good food is tasty and healthy.  When dining out, the price should also be good value for the food, service and atmosphere.

So, here’s to a new year of delectable delights!  I plan to update every Friday, so come back often!  And if there are any volunteers out there to help me with my neverending “to try” list, you’re more than welcome to leave a message!

PS Kudos to my friends Eva and Simon for helping me come up with the blog’s name, and my fellow food bloggers Clarice and Kris and cousin Janie for their general inspiration.


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