Neighbourhood style roast meat at Tai Hing 太興, Tsim Sha Tsui East

Time to dip our toes into the vast array of Chinese cuisine on our doorstep, with some good old siu mei fan (燒味飯), or “roast meat/item rice”.  Never having tried the siu mei specialist, Tai Hing, I picked the nearest one which is next to the Science Museum in TST East.

Lots to eat around these here parts! You can see "North Point egg waffles" (北角雞蛋仔) made it all the way here!

Some caveats will apply here.  I arrived on a weekday at around 3pm, well after the lunchtime rush; usually some other chains like Maxim’s might stop serving siu mei fan by now in favour of “afternoon tea” sets.  Thankfully I was still in time, but this may have affected the quality of the remaining meats as the choice cuts are often taken first.

I ordered a combo “white cut chicken” (白切雞) and roast pork (燒肉) rice ($51), with a hot “mandarin orange”/kumquat with honey drink (柑桔蜜)(included in the meal set).

The roast pork was tender but predominantly salty and a bit dark, with a soggy layer of fat.  The skin was starting to soften but still a bit crunchy.  I think it could’ve been firmer and just a bit more on the lean side.  As for the chicken it was smooth enough, even though it was a white cut chicken breast (complete with little rib bones), which is healthy but possibly the driest cut of chicken you could get.  The rice was normal and the lonely little piece of choy sum (菜心) that tried to make this meal balanced was alright too.

The honey kumquat drink could’ve been better though, it came with residue settled at the bottom and was just too sweet.  Maybe I should’ve had the milk tea instead…

At $51 total I think it’s actually a few dollars more than say Canteen (even after the recent inflation), but the quality at Canteen is pretty consistent every time and they have a good range of food and drink too.  That said, the locals who were still packing Tai Hing at 4pm probably enjoyed the bright, clean environment.

Restaurant rating: NOM NOM N- (out of five).

Address: No. 75-79., G/F., New Mandarin Plaza, 14 Science Museum Road, , Tsim Sha Tsui 尖沙咀東部科學館道14號新文華中心地下75-79號舖

Tel: 2722 0701

Web: Official site, Openrice English, Openrice 中文

Next time…we eat a garage sale!!  I mean, we eat Italian!


3 thoughts on “Neighbourhood style roast meat at Tai Hing 太興, Tsim Sha Tsui East

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