Central Lunch Series: Greyhound Cafe, IFC

So after the replacement of Pizza Express in IFC with Greyhound Cafe and the bit of hype that followed, it was time to check it out.  This time was a workday lunch.  In Bangkok it was a spin-off from a fashion brand, kind of like the local HK brand Initial then (whose Tsim Sha Tsui branch is a half-cafe, half-clothing store).

Apparently the decor and everything is a good replica of the Bangkok original and the chefs were flown over from Thailand to ensure consistency.  Some of the wait staff weren’t Chinese either.

Faced with an array of choices that includes Thai food, Chinese noodles, burgers and pasta, I went for the seemingly safe pad thai prawn while my friend went for the beef noodle soup.  I also had the “Greyhound style” iced lemon tea.  We sadly didn’t get to try the trademark deep-fried chicken wings cut in half lengthways…maybe next time.

Like most of the things in this place, the pad thai looked nice but wasn’t particularly fragrant or tasty and the noodles were soft.  Maybe I should’ve added some sauce.  There were 3 large prawns which were OK and there was plenty of veg mixed in as well.

The beef noodle soup was “OK”, but my friend preferred the soup noodles at Thai Basil.  Bit of an unfair comparison as Thai Basil is slightly more $$$ I think, but the pad thai there was also overall better, with a nice little egg “web” draped over your noodles.

The iced lemon tea was a nice touch cause they made their ice cubes from tea, so the flavour was consistent throughout!  Always wanted to do this, or freeze a mint leaf in there.

Service was OK for us, considering it was the typical lunchtime rush (one thing I never look forward to in HK).  The staff all had white shirts with random different Thai and English phrase on, which was amusing, but they were all quite tense and frazzled.  The final bill was $286 or $143 each, not exactly cheap for two mains and one drink.  Being contemporary Thai as it were, especially as it’s toned-down for a shopping mall and for the swarms of hungry office drones, don’t expect authentic Thai cuisine.  The open design and unbeatable location means it’ll never want for customers though.  Unfortunate that the high turnover robs this place of attention to the food and any true “sabai sabai” chillness.  If you want that, try Initial.

Don’t worry, next (next) time…we eat some real Thai food!

Restaurant rating: NOM NOM N- (out of five).

Address: Shop 1082, 1/F, International Finance Centre Mall, 1 Harbour View Street, Central 中環港景街1號國際金融中心商場二期1樓1082舖

Tel: 2383 1133

Opening hours: Mon – Sat 8am – 10:30pm, Sun 11am – 10:30pm

Web: Official site, Facebook page, Openrice English, Openrice 中文, Time Out HK review, Asia Bars review


7 thoughts on “Central Lunch Series: Greyhound Cafe, IFC

  1. You should try salted beef or beef jerky fried rice or spaghetti with anchovy. I don’t think they’re well known fro Pad-Thai.

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  3. Fuel is good but I find that the staff have too much attitude. Segafredo on Wellington was a fave until it shut at the end of June, hope to try the Sheung Wan brnach soon

    • Hi Angelica thanks for stopping by – how’d you find my blog?
      Fuel: really? They were OK when I went I guess, at least the Landmark one. Which one did you go to, IFC? I tried the Sheung Wan Segafredo, small and only has one waiter but a nice respite from the usual work lunch haunts.

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