Pizza at Piccolo proves pleasing, Tai Hang

Reading a few blogs and following a few local Meetup groups means you hear about certain places in random locations which you otherwise wouldn’t – which is one of the aims of this blog too of course.  This time it was pizza at Piccolo in Tai Hang, the second branch of the Kennedy Town pizzeria.

A short stroll from the Tin Hau MTR and you’re in a cosy little neighbourhood with eateries on every corner, from Japanese curry and yakitori to a popular local bing sut to a cafe.

A chill decor, with high ceiling and slowly rotating ceiling fan which cast an ever-changing shadow over our food.

This branch doesn’t do reservations apparently so thankfully they had a table for six (our biggest foodventure team yet!).  We had an experienced jungle guide who recommended the chicken wings (two baskets of the stuff)($80) and calamari fritti or fried calamari ($85).  For (11 inch) pizza, of which they offered ten varieties, we had the pancetta and four cheeses i.e. mozzarella, taleggio, scarmoza and gorgonzola ($130 each) and for “pizza” there was a calzone i.e. pizza turnover with prosciutto and rocket ($145) – not an item regularly found inhabiting HK menus.  I also had the lime soda ($35).

The chicken wings were absolutely delish, with crunchy skin that wasn’t dropping with grease or sauce, and was full of flavour.  It came with some mayo, which I’d rarely pair with wings on my own, but it worked.

The panchetta pizza is another item too won’t see lurking just anywhere, an innovative blend of bacon, cheese and (local farm) egg.  The flavours were balanced with none really overpowering the other.

The four cheeses pizza wasn’t as cheesy as the name implies, and I think only a real cheese aficionado could tell any of the cheeses apart.  Didn’t help that out of the four I’d only tried mozzarella!  In fact the taste wasn’t strong at all, which is ok if you don’t want to be left feeling satiated, but there was no lasting impression.  Both pizzas were thin crust and crunchy, which I like – more room for toppings!

The calamari was great!  Fresh with a thin batter and a mild chili sauce that gives it just a bit more tanginess.  Beats Dan Ryan’s or any other mainstream Western chain any day.

The calzone was basically a separation of a pizza into its components, with a hollow pastry dough skin smeared with tomato sauce, was ultimately a bit plain, even with the prosciutto.  At least the process of cutting and stuffing it with the rocket/arugula and ham was a first for me.

As for my lime soda, I think it had too much soda water as it could’ve been a bit sweeter.

Conclusion: Overall the pizzas were pretty good but the sides were what I remember more.  Too bad we didn’t get to try the desserts as the tiramisu seemed to be popular.  The service was satisfactory, no complaints.  The food arrived in a steady fashion so there was always something on the table to devour but it wasn’t overloaded.  I noticed people were always queuing up for this place so we didn’t go wrong!  One thing though is that the Tai Hang branch has no in-built washroom, so you’ll have to go somewhere else for dessert and some relief…which is what we did of course.

The total was $883, or $147 each.  A good price-to-quality ratio I’d say.

Restaurant rating: NOM NOM NOM NOM (out of five)

Address: G/F, 1 Wun Sha Street, Tai Hang 大坑沅紗街1號地下

Opening hours: Sun-Thu, noon to midnight, Fri-Sat, noon-2am

Tel: 2824 3001

Web: Facebook page, Openrice 中文, Openrice English, TimeOut HK review of Kennedy Town branch, HK Asia City review of Kennedy Town branch

Next time, we follow on with dessert at a nearby corner shop!  And I’m off to Chongqing, China this weekend so let’s see what culinary delights we come back with (too bad I’m not a spicehead though)!


5 thoughts on “Pizza at Piccolo proves pleasing, Tai Hang

    • Yes you must!! The mayo didn’t really add much so you can safely skip it and just devour the chicken haha. Or even dip it in the calamari’s chili sauce, I wonder what that’d do mmm…

    • Hello thanks for your comment on Piccolo and sorry for the huge delay. You mean treadmill right? Haha…
      Nice to have a second Indonesian following this blog, and nice recipes on your site too!

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