True HK flava down under, with 澳洲牛奶公司 Australia Dairy Company

又來了一個經典景點!  I don’t think you can have a HK food blog without at least a mention of this institution.  Sadly it was relatively late in life when I was introduced to this place.

The order of the day was “lazy Sunday brunch/lunch” (it was after 1pm), and we already knew roughly what we wanted.

At first sight the queue was intimidating, but the infamously ruthless efficiency of the staff came into play, as they came out to bark orders and hustle the crowd along.  There was a gentle breeze easing our wait too.  Within minutes we were already at the door.  Meanwhile, we had the window displays…

Old school glass milk bottles, fresh from HK dairy farms!

And what can you make with that milk?  Milk and egg custard of course.  Will have some next time…

Hordes of curt, white-clad staff sped the process along, working to put food in front of your face at maximum speed (BTW what do you think of my artistically placed web address?).

We ordered the “fast set” (快餐)($26 x 2) of 牛油方”飽” (buttered toast) and 西煎雙蛋 (double fried egg), which we swapped for 炒蛋 (scrambled egg), and added $2 each to swap the cold milk for two iced milk teas.

Menu shot!

The main attraction!  Nomtastic smooth, evenly done scrambled eggs and fluffy white bread.  A simple but elegant combo.

Washed down with an iced milk tea that was also done to all-round goodness, with the right balance of flavours.

Total damage was $56 ($28 each).  For a good old wholesome HK meal and a classic experience that many still regularly queue for.

Restaurant rating: NOM NOM NOM NOM N-

Address: 佐敦白加士街47-49號地下 G/F, 47-49 Parkes Street, Jordan

Opening hours: 7:30am-11pm every day but closed Thursdays

Tel: 2730 1356

Web: Openrice 中文, Openrice English, English review by the Singaporean Noob Cook, 臺灣遊客的中文食評 Chinese review by the Taiwanese Christabelle (always fun to see HK through outsiders’ eyes)


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