This Dutchman wants to make you hungry with photos. Has he succeeded?

Keeping a good food blog isn’t easy: you have to be good at observing, writing, being objective, and taking food photos – which is a whole subcategory of photography with its own tips and tricks.  I think I got the writing part down OK (based on some much appreciated feedback), but I can’t compete with those DSLR-toting pros.  So I’ll show you pro photos instead!

This 53 year old Dutch food photographer Jan Bartelsman seems to know what he’s doing.

CNNGo featured him in December last year after the release of his restaurant book, Hong Kong and Macau Magic.

The book features photos and articles including these famed local restaurants:

Robuchon a Galera, The Eight, Don Alfonso, Imperial Court, Aux Beaux Arts, Golden Flower, Il Teatro, Wing Lei, Okada, Aurora, Ying, Mezza 9, L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, Ye Shanghai, Nanhai no. 1, Lily & Bloom, Finds, Mirror, Otto E mezzo, Wagyu Kaiseki Den, Island Tang, Posto Pubblico, Amber, Tandoor, Shore, Chez Patrick, W52, Wooloomooloo, and Zuma.

How many have you been to?


Finally, here are his tips for taking your next food photo (from the CNNGo article):


“Make sure there is light on the dish — move the candles closer,” says Bartelsman. “You also have to match the light with the subject so the color is natural.”

If you are shooting meat, you may want to put some oil on it so the meat would look more juicy. Yet, if you are shooting something pale like congee, you have to be careful with your lighting and background.

“You don’t light it from the front but from the side. Then you get texture,” says Bartelsman. “Also, choose the right background to make it stand out. Don’t use white background for example.”

How about street food?

“It is completely different. For that, you shoot the way it is,” adds Bartelsman.

If you want to buy the book, the article also tells you how.

Happy snapping!


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