Happy new year! 新年快樂!

It’s been too long.

Just over a year ago on 1 Jan 2012 I started this blog.  25 reviews and 16 other posts later, here we are.

Having moved offices within Central I look forward to exploring new finds for the Central lunch series.  For example, I’m a fan of anything resembling pancakes, crepes or waffles, so this jianbing (煎餅) place on Wellington Street looks promising.  For the rest of the freshly updated “To Try” list, check here!  I also hope to try a new style of review series, which again ultimately stems from practical reasons.

I’ve also been to a bunch of new places the last few months, but due to camera problems (dropped it one too many times, and why did I buy Casio?) haven’t been able to review them, or have just been lazy – concentrating on food takes work!  If anyone can recommend me a decent, portable digital cam that isn’t a DSLR, shoot me an email or comment below.  I’d also love manual shutter exposure settings to use it for another hobby I’d like to revive – light painting!  Told you this isn’t your usual food blog.

Happy eating in 2013!


Amuse bouche of the tasting menu dinner at Liberty Exchange, Central


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