Gaylord – THE Indian Restaurant 爵樂印度餐廳, Tsim Sha Tsui

Happy Chinese New Year!

Looking at my slightly skewed restaurant reviews index, I think it’s time we have some Indian food!

And what better place than at THE Indian restaurant, Gaylord (why “Gaylord”, you ask?), as the sign proudly proclaims?  Since 1972 apparently – that’s 40 years in HK, no mean feat for any business or restaurant.

Turns out it’s part of the Chiram Strategic Group, which also covers/covered a good range of cuisines: Black Stump in Central/TST, Duetto in Wan Chai, Saigon in Stanley, Siamama in Tseung Kwan O and the Shakey’s Pizza chain.

So why should you go here instead of the curry paradise that is Chungking Mansions?  Read on.


By coincidence, it happened to be Chinese New Year fireworks night.  Welcome to Ashley Road, home to many a decent bar, pub and restaurant, including the great live-music venue Ned Kelly’s Last Stand.


Elegant and comfy surroundings, and window seats offer a view of the street.  Only one other table was seated when we entered at 8:15pm (even on a public holiday), and a few others trickled in throughout the night, probably after the fireworks.


The mood is set by the entertaining live band, apparently almost every night.  You can even hear it over the PA system in the bathroom.  Money’s worth.

The menu was quite extensive, and I understand they have some regional dishes rarely seen in other places.  There were also dinner sets for the lazy.  We both chose Set B: Non-vegetarian ($238/person), topped off with an extra mango lassi ($48) each.


First, we helped ourselves to complimentary papadum (薄餅) with chutneys.

veg samosa

The appetisers were vegetable samosas (素角).  I think I prefer baked ones like these instead of fried (as in dim sum), cause of the firm but slightly crumbly texture.  They were filled with the usual potatoes, onions, etc.


The tandoori (oven-roasted) course which came on a sizzling hot plate: chicken tikka (串燒雞柳) and lamb seekh kebab (串燒肉卷).  Having studied reviews about the tandoori chicken, they were true – it really was that tender and sssssucculent.  Probably the best I’ve had.  The lamb kebab was also great and packed with flavour, though not heavily overwhelming.

lamb roganjosh

Lamb rogan josh (香草羊肉), a very mild curry from Kashmir.  Pretty good.

chicken korma

Chicken korma (腰果蓉滑汁雞).  Tastes like chicken?  With a nice creamy sauce.

saag paneer

Saag paneer (菠菜蓉芝士), i.e. cottage cheese and spinach, one of my fav healthy yet yum dishes.  The texture when chomping down on a chunk of cheese is great fun.

pullao rice

Pulao rice (紅花香味飯).  Nice and dry individual grains to soak up all the sauces.


The naan (烤餅) was good too, with a nice, firm bottom layer and fluffy body.

gulab jamun

Dessert came in the form of gulab jamun (蜜汁圓球).  This always has the potential to be too sickly sweet, but not so here.

mango lassiSorry, got too excited before remembering to snap a pic of this mango lassi.

Total bill was $629 ($315 each).  The price was jacked up a bit by the $48 drink not being included in the meal set.  It was a good whirlwind tour of typical Indian food and the portions were just right – we were pleasantly full.  As always, coming with a bigger group and sharing a la carte dishes will get you a better deal.

Overall, Gaylord is a good blend of taste, healthiness, atmosphere and price.  Just what this blog is looking for!  The food is authentic and solid, and the service is genuine.  You pay a bit more than Chungking Mansions, but the whole package is to me worth the trade off.

Restaurant rating: NOM NOM NOM NOM N- (4.5/5)

Address: 1/F, 23-25 Ashley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui 尖沙咀亞士厘道23-25號雅士利中心1樓

Opening hours: 12-3pm, 6-11pm daily

Tel: 2376 1001

Web: official siteOpenrice English, Openrice 中文, official Facebook pageHK Tatler review


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