Sharing and caring at Bacar, SoHo

Tucked into a space beside the Mid-Levels Escalator, Bacar is a tapas place that you might easily overlook on your way up to Staunton Street in SoHo.  I’d been there for dinner a few years back and decided to re-inject some Mediterranean flavour into  my life.  So it was dinner for four on a Friday night.

As with many such places, Bacar is part of a group, in this case the Enoteca group which owns other bars and restaurants in SoHo and Enoteca in Quarry Bay, which I tried (not bad!) after the Island East Markets one Sunday.

outsideHaving booked for 7:30pm, we had the table until 9pm, which turned out to be just enough for the main meal (we got some grace time thanks to dessert).

interiorView from my seat.  There’s also an upstairs.

kitchenChefs at work.

hummusFirst to arrive was the hummus and tabbouleh with pita bread ($58), tapas size!  The tiny slices of pita were unfortunately neither warm nor very appetising.  The hummus was ordinary.

risotto ballsOn the other hand, the wild mushroom and parmesan risotto balls ($78) were  quickly gobbled down and we ordered another.  Have to say, pretty hard to go wrong with deep fried cheese.  If you come here, try this.

salmon stripsSalmon strips with cumin dipping sauce ($78).  Not bad, with a slightly crisp outer layer, though my friend thought it tasted a bit “fishy”.

avocado saladArugula, avocado and parmesan salad with walnut and olive dressing ($88) that was devoured by our veggie friend.  She was also disappointed that they didn’t have baba ghanoush, and indeed the waitress I asked didn’t know what it was.

chicken kievGorgonzola chicken kiev with lemon dip ($78).  Pretty good flavour.

mushroom pizzaThe forest mushroom pizza ($138) with fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, cepes, porcini, portobello and black truffle oil drizzle.  Thin, crispy and fresh.  I think at this point we’ve had like four different cheeses during our meal.

banoffee cakeWe were pretty full but couldn’t resist some dessert, especially as we knew the portions wouldn’t be huge – here’s the banoffee pie (officially the “Bacar coffee-banoffi pie”)($68), with layers of biscuit, caramel, banana and coffee cream.  I’m a sucker for cakes with that biscuit bottom.

mudcakeFinally, the chocolate and almond mudcake with mascarpone and chocolate sauce ($68).  Sorry, make that five cheeses throughout the meal (mascarpone!).  Anyway, both cakes were alright.

Total bill was $805 (about $201 each).  We didn’t order any drinks, but with the variety of dishes plus dessert on top, still reasonable.  Service was pretty friendly.

Overall, Bacar is a good place to go for a casual drink, some decent tapas and some people-watching on Shelley Street.  It seems like their wine selection should be alright.  Their smoothies and lunch/brunch menu also looks good, so I’m sure I’ll be back.

Restaurant rating: NOM NOM NOM N- (3.5/5)

Address: 2 Shelley Street, SoHo, Central 中環蘇豪些利街2號

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 12pm-1am, Sat-Sun 12pm-2am (food served until 11pm daily)

Tel: 2521 8322

Web: official siteOpenrice English, Openrice 中文, Hip Hong Kong review,


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